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Hi welcome to Social Incest.

Site Staff enforces a set of rules for the comfort and safety of all our members.
We want everyone to have a good time here so Please Read these Rules Before Posting.

Please be aware that members who Do Not read the rules,
as well as those who who Choose Not to abide by them will be subject to:

A WARNING of the rule infraction, or
The SUSPENSION of their account (temporary ban) 3 or 7 days depending on the crime, or
The TERMINATION of their account (permanent ban).

Any actions that are in violation of law will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
No Minors Allowed - all members must be 18 years or older to participate in this website.

(1) Posting of Pictures
Please refer to rule 9 below for picture hosting restrictions.
Don't post a picture including a person under the age of 18 - CLOTHED OR NOT.
If the picture is captioned it may not mention or imply an age under 18.
Posting fake pictures of member's family or friends is not allowed.

Anime/Toons site
You may post Anime, Hiental and Toons pictures with subjects of 8 and up with these restrictions:
Do not post Pictures/Anime/Hiental with Infants (baby) or Toddlers
If the picture is captioned it may not mention or imply an age under 8.

Forbidden Picture Sources (Anime/Toons/Hiental)
3D realisme
Fractux / Y3DF
Pandoras Box

Anime/Toons/Hiental are considered fantasy

(2) Posting of Videos (all community)
Don't post a link to any video including a person under the age of 18 - CLOTHED OR NOT.
Videos must be available for free download by all members.
Please post multiple videos up to 20 per person if you are a collector and want to show more, please contact Joy_23 and we will make some adjustments to accommodate your stay concerning video's.
See rule 9 below for video hosting restrictions.

Forbidden Video Sources (all community)
Annabelle Flowers
Cory Chase
Jaylene Rio
Jodie West
Rachel Steele
Rebbeca's Works (Housewives at play and Hot Moms (Paysite) )

(3) Mentioning Ages in Posts
This site is very age sensitive

(except Erotic Incest Stories).
Do not mention or imply an age under 18 in any post.
Instead, use vague terms like "younger" or "in my youth", or "in the past".

Also avoid references where simple math will reveal an age under 18.
For example:
If Jack is 20 and Jill is 4 years younger than Jack, then it's obvious that Jill is 16.
If Jack is 19 and doing something for 2 years, then it's obvious that Jack started at 17.

Erotic Incest Stories site.
Posts in this site are considered to be some real most FICTION, so the age rule here is less restrictive.
You can mention or imply an age under 13 in any post but have to move on to the pressent age.
you can, use vague terms & avoid references where simple math will reveal an age under 13.

(4) Disallowed Content Subjects (all site)
These topics are not allowed to be depicted in Pictures, Video, Text, Avatars, or PMs:

kids bellow 18
Forced Sex
Sheep/Goats (yes, Sheeps and Goats!)

(6) No links to other Forums, Boards, or Blogs.
Links are not allowed for other Forums, Boards, or Blogs.
Links for legitimate news sources are okay.

You may mention other Forums, Boards or Blogs, but only in passing.
You may not promote, advertise, or recruit members for other sites.
URLs displayed in pictures or videos as watermarks are okay.

(7) ALL Posts are to be made in English Only
Replies must be relative to the topic. If you wish to talk to a person in your own country's language then visit there profile and use there profiles wall , messages or chat. No bullying allowed.

(8) Spamming and Advertising
Is not allowed in Posts, Replies, via Email or through Private Messages.

(9) Picture and Video Hosting Services.
The use of link protector URLs are prohibited.
Post only the direct link to the free hosting service you prefer.

Forbidden Hosting Sites
Any host with a cash sharing scheme, regardless of whether it's being used or not.
Any host that requires purchasing a membership to download content
Allowed Cash Sharing Hosting Sites

(10) No Idiots, Pedophiles, Trolls, Creeps, or Stalkers or fakes
you will be found and banned

(11) Private Messaging between Members
Do not publicly reveal the contents of PMs or Emails without the consent of all participants.
No other sharing of private information is allowed.

We're serious about this. Do it once, and staff will make sure you don't get another chance.

Do not post a cell number for text messaging purposes.
There are many scams associated with texting.
If you should receive a number for this through a contact made, use caution.

No advertising or selling of anything by private message.

Please report any private message that is threatening, stalking, or pedophilic to an moderator or administrator.

(12) Keeping it Civil
While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, racist comments, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts or private messages.

Our decision is final in these matters. It is at our discretion as to what is within the rules. This also applies to Private Messages.

(13) Multiple or repeated posting to increase your poll or post count.
This is not allowed. Don't do it. If we see it, we'll remove the posts and if repeating you will be banned.

(14) Each member is allowed ONE login account.
Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed. People whit the same address can sign up or change there account from male/female to couples.

(15) Requests for Pictures or Videos.
Do not post requests to trade pictures or videos.
This includes via PMs and Emails as well.

If you are unwilling to post content on this site & only wish to trade privately
then administration can only assume you wish to trade illegal material.

(16) A Few Final Points we need to share with you
We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice. This means religion, football, politics or major groups organizations, funeral messages . They dont belong on a website like this, this is a incest based social website and we want to keep it like that.

A close up picture of just a penis or vagina is not allowed as an avatar.
A full frontal nude is allowed in a post or avatar. You ask why?
Most women in this community really don't want to see a close up picture of your penis or vagina. You may be proud of your penis or vagina but keep it to yourself. No acception for woman and there genitals will be made in this matter. Boobs are allowed.

Social Incest will help its members when visiting our website. No data or information shall ever be given to a third party on request or order. How ever, when its members are on a third party website or messenger like:
or any OTHER third party program also the ones not mentioned in this list we are NOT responsible and/or CANT be hold accounted for any legal matters.

We reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the community rules, is rude to the staf.

While these rules cover most common situations, we cannot anticipate everything, so...
We reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these site are not disrupted or abused.

Moderators/Admins do not make the rules - they only enforce them.

If you see something questionable, please contact a moderator/admin.

If you get locked or have questions about something you can reach me at [email protected]

you all ready got a full account we don't have VIP anymore. The profiles you cant see belong to me and are from members who are banned. The albums that are set to the setting "just me" are set private by the owner and you have to ask the owner to see them.

We reserve the right to Not answer some questions.

Enjoy yourself, be save and keep out of trouble.